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  • Lyn Gain Excellent article. Pity Credlin's energy is not being put into worthwhile policy directions. – Dec 13, 5:38 PM
  • merriel hume Bloody Hell Larraine - governments have devolved more and more responsibilities to 'the market' Volunteer labourers underwrite every dollar government spends on funding organisations that build social capital and cohesion. Crowd-source protest. Crowd-source demand for better government and social services and housing - but money?... – Dec 10, 5:44 PM
  • mimky Personally I want the best person for the job, male or female, not a commitment to have numbers for the sake of numbers. If this isn't the case it becomes prejudicial and will not aid true equality.She was right to Quote Madeleine Albright, “there’s a... – Nov 26, 12:29 AM
  • Budgie Anne Summers is right to say that actions are more important than words. And I commend JB's commitment to gender empowerment. I just wish women like Salma Hayek, Bishop and others would honour the sacrifices and battles fought by women over the decades that called... – Nov 19, 1:27 AM
  • ronsman You don't really understand what violence is, do you? "Shirtfront" is violence, it lives it, it embodies the philosophy that "violence will fix it". That's not what real leaders do, in any context Hang in there, David. I hope you get better. – Oct 21, 10:40 AM
  • David Black Any actual examples of violence, ronsman? (Apart from "Wall-Gate," which seems to have never happened.) – Oct 21, 9:39 AM
  • ronsman Yes, David, it is suggested that Tony Abbott is into violence. He has displayed it all his life and continues to offer violence as a means of negotiation. That's not leadership, it's weakness. There is no calumny here: he is what he is, and is... – Oct 21, 8:58 AM
  • David Black A classic case of Abbott Derangement Syndrome. How is it possible to link Tony Abbott's "shirtfront" remark, silly as it was, to a hideous case of domestic violence? Is it suggested that Tony Abbott is into domestic violence on this, or any other, any level?... – Oct 21, 8:40 AM
  • Leo Ryan I worked as a counselor for more than 20 years in Adelaide and Canberra from the late 70s dealing primarily with domestic violence. In my view very little progress has been made, due mainly to this issue being approached from a narrow perspective. Many of... – Sep 14, 3:41 PM
  • Larraine Larri I think it time for women of NSW (& probably all of Australia) to start crowd-sourcing & funding the services we need. Its unbelievable that this de-funding can occur and that we are still at the whim of mindless governments. Crying and shock; pleading with... – Sep 03, 9:42 AM
  • lakoris I am so sorry for what you had to go through but I firmly believe this is not the same case for the rest of us who have left the convent. Forgive...let go and let God do the judging...move on. I shall keep you in... – Aug 31, 1:06 PM
  • WarrenRoss This is happening across the state as Baird's team implements the Gary Sturgess vision of social services as business model. Many services in the Blue Mountains have been decimated and handed to the big church run services where you pass up 30% pay for the... – Jun 29, 2:25 PM
  • Mieke Minkjan Even at late notice I would like to listen to your lecture – Jun 29, 11:42 AM
  • Sally Morrison Running away and staying safely away is surely an imperative for women and children who are subjected to Domestic Violence. Elsie was the best initiative of the 70s women's movement. It addressed problems never faced by the likes of Pru Goward - real problems, daily... – Jun 29, 11:21 AM
  • Glenys Buselli The question is can a NGO effectively run women's refuges? I don't want to get caught in the divide and conquer aspect to this. What past information resources will they use? Will their reports on their efforts be transparent and available to the public? What... – Jun 29, 10:26 AM
  • paul walter I give the article a raucous cheer for a couple of reasons. One is the revelation of yet more Tea-Party thinking permeating Tory decision-making here; eg chaplains instead of trained counsellors for schools involving a "moralising" component. The other, parallel, issue goes to the neoliberal... – Jun 29, 5:45 AM
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Better angels of our nature must take wing

Last Saturday morning I was in Madrid, standing in sombre reflection in front of Guernica. 

Picasso painted this massive work in Paris in May 1937 in a frenzied response to the bombing on April 26, 1937, by German planes of the Basque town of Guernica in his homeland of Spain. This was state-sanctioned terrorism, one of the first times civilians had been subjected to indiscriminate and relentless bombing, hours and hours of it, leaving the town destroyed and hundreds dead.

The savagery of the attack in Paris has demonstrated that we are still capable of shock and outrage, and thus retain the will to fight back.

The bombing was conducted by the German Luftwaffe to support the Nationalist forces of the Fascist General Franco in the Spanish Civil War but it also, as the raid’s commander later admitted, enabled the Germans to test the munitions that they were to use to even more devastating effect in World War II. Guernica was in effect a rehearsal for bombing the British city of Coventry, which Germany blitzed in November 1940.

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Anne Summers in Conversation: Lt Gen David Morrison AO, Chief of Army

Anne Summers in Conversation: Lt Gen David Morrison AO, Chief of Army
LT GEN. MORRISON sent shock waves through the Australian Army last year when he identified ‘a systemic problem’ of sexism, unacceptable standards of behaviour and other issues in the Army’s culture.

He has now taken on the herculean job of changing that culture, telling those who can’t respect each other to ‘get out’, and setting targets to increase the numbers of women.

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For Peta Credlin, the gender card has been dealt again

Peta Credlin, photo by Alex Ellinghausen

“I regret that in some quarters we’re still at risk of telling girls not to ‘show off’, to work hard but not rock the boat thereby engendering a lack of confidence while we praise boys for displaying knowledge.”

These are the words of Peta Credlin, chief of staff to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, “vividly” recalling when she was four years old and her teacher praised a boy who knew a handful of his letters.

“Excited, I rattled off the entire alphabet and then ran over to her desk, picked up the newspaper and started reading the headlines on the front page as well,” Credlin said in a speech to Melbourne’s Methodist Ladies’ College Foundation dinner just a few months ago.

“I was terribly upset when instead of praising me she told me off in front of the whole class and said ‘no one likes a show off’.”

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