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  • WarrenRoss This is happening across the state as Baird's team implements the Gary Sturgess vision of social services as business model. Many services in the Blue Mountains have been decimated and handed to the big church run services where you pass up 30% pay for the... – Jun 29, 2:25 PM
  • Mieke Minkjan Even at late notice I would like to listen to your lecture – Jun 29, 11:42 AM
  • Sally Morrison Running away and staying safely away is surely an imperative for women and children who are subjected to Domestic Violence. Elsie was the best initiative of the 70s women's movement. It addressed problems never faced by the likes of Pru Goward - real problems, daily... – Jun 29, 11:21 AM
  • Glenys Buselli The question is can a NGO effectively run women's refuges? I don't want to get caught in the divide and conquer aspect to this. What past information resources will they use? Will their reports on their efforts be transparent and available to the public? What... – Jun 29, 10:26 AM
  • paul walter I give the article a raucous cheer for a couple of reasons. One is the revelation of yet more Tea-Party thinking permeating Tory decision-making here; eg chaplains instead of trained counsellors for schools involving a "moralising" component. The other, parallel, issue goes to the neoliberal... – Jun 29, 5:45 AM
  • Lynn Vernon Today our organisation, in deep shock and distress, became one of the many closures. After 30 years of providing support and shelter to women and children escaping domestic violence we have foundered on the rocks of this ‘corporatisation' of service provision. Blue Gum Housing is... – Jun 28, 10:32 AM
  • Anne Summers Vicki try ringing the STC box office to see if any extra tickets have been released. – Jun 25, 10:36 AM
  • Mandy I heard a saying the other day, "arrogance can bring success, but humility brings greatness". Abbott does not seem to have a humble bone in his body. How someone can be so arrogant and uncaring astounds me. Its almost as if the more he is... – Jun 24, 9:58 PM
  • vicki ward Is there 1 ticket still available for the Cate Blanchett talk. Please advise asap. Thank you. – Jun 23, 9:08 PM
  • stella Abortion will always be a hot political potato, wherever you are in the world. Just look over to the US to see how much coverage the issue gets and how strongly feel about it. But using such a sensitive issue as abortion for political gain... – Jun 08, 12:37 AM
  • Meredith AJ A superb performance from a Classy Lady. Tony Windsor's recollections of his dealings with her is a great reference point to her charm and calmness. I find it impossible to understand how a galoot such as Abbott could so easily have misguided and blindsided more... – May 28, 11:16 AM
  • Steve Burnham Paid Parental Leave – Abbott’s cleverest conjuring trick will empty all our wallets. – May 12, 11:46 AM
  • Tim Haslett Dear Anne I thought your article on the paid parental leave scheme was excellent and was particularly taken by your opening question. There are of course is another question: “What you call a policy that no one wants, will be too expensive etc?” The answer... – May 07, 11:50 AM
  • Gavin Hi Anne, I really enjoyed the debate - I watched the video of the debate here: All the best, Gavin – Apr 18, 12:34 AM
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Senator Nova Peris in Conversation with Anne Summers


One night only. Melbourne. 29 September. Book now for the opportunity to meet the amazing Senator Nova Peris.


Nova Peris seems to have a knack for making history. She was the first Indigenous Australian to win an Olympic Gold medal (in 1996), she became a double gold medalist at the 1998 Commonwealth Games and is the only person ever to make back-to-back Olympics finals in two different sports.

Now she has added a political “first” to her name, winning election to the Senate in 2013 and is already making her mark. It was her question to the Attorney-General Senator George Brandis about the 18C amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act that provoked his answer, “People do have a right to be bigots, you know”. These words, and the uproar they created, are largely seen as the reason the federal government decided not to proceed with the controversial amendments.

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NSW government closes doors to women fleeing violence

There was a lunch in Eden, in the state’s south, on Wednesday, where a large crowd turned out to mark the closing, after seven years, of the local domestic violence outreach service.

It had been attached to the Bega Women’s Refuge which is being handed over to Mission Australia as part of the state government’s Going Home, Staying Home homelessness reforms, and which is now limping along, most of its staff having gone or been let go, and unable to take in women fleeing violence.

A woman from Nowra seeking refuge at Bega recently was turned away, Gabrielle Powell from Bega Women’s Resource Centre told me.

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Hillary Clinton’s claim for the presidency

Hillary Clinton book review

When Hillary Clinton travelled the world as the Secretary of State her luggage included a selection of her signature pants suits, her celebrated scrunchies for those bad hair days – and a tent.

In places such as Russia, the Blackberries and laptops would stay on the US Air Force 757 with their batteries removed to prevent interception  of sensitive material. However, even in friendly countries strict security precautions were routine, she says in Hard Choices. Hence the tent. Made of opaque material, Clinton had to slip into it if she wanted to read documents in her hotel room. If that was not feasible, she had to read ‘‘sensitive material’’ with a blanket over her head. ‘‘I felt like I was 10 years old again,’’ she writes, ‘‘reading covertly by flashlight under the covers after bedtime.’’

This is just one of many nuggets in this surprisingly interesting and engaging book. We also learn she fought the drowsiness brought on by constant jet lag with pain, by digging her fingernails into her palm.

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