Australian Women on the Verge

My Keynote Address to the National Labor Women’s Conference in Brisbane on May 14 in which I celebrate Labor’s success in women’s political leadership but call on the government to take urgent action to improve women’s workforce participation by addressing equality in employment via the EOWA legislation, and to radically reform childcare. Nat Labor [...]

Government no longer leading on women’s employment

In Australia in the 21st century the private sector is taking the lead in promoting equality for women in employment and championing women to be leaders in the business world, a field the federal government once had made its own.  Read my article in the Sydney Morning Herald, December 18 2010

EOWA Consultation Report Released

Finally, the federal government has released the report of the consultations into the review of the EOWA Act conducted by KPMG last year.  You can read the report here. Comments on it will be posted soon.