Tony Abbott, as one feminist to another, here are a few words of advice

Photo: Andrew Meares

I¬†was travelling to London the day Prime Minister Tony Abbott spoke at the International Women’s Day Parliamentary breakfast, so I missed his announcement that he has converted to feminism.

Having caught up with this news, I want to congratulation him for adopting the principles of equality of the sexes. I [...]

Women Of The World Festival

I was thrilled to join the many brilliant, empowered and passionate women taking part in this week’s London “festival of talks, debates, performance and activism celebrating women and girls”.

Catch up on the festival, with plenty of photos and videos, at the WOW Festival website.

Lunch with Anne Summers

By Amanda Dunn

Can women have it all? It’s the question that seems to have overtaken ”what do women want?” in the media (though the latter still figures), and to feminist writer and journalist Anne Summers, it’s a particularly galling one.

”It epitomises the inequality between women and men, because no one asks men if they can [...]