For Peta Credlin, the gender card has been dealt again

“I regret that in some quarters we’re still at risk of telling girls not to ‘show off’, to work hard but not rock the boat thereby engendering a lack of confidence while we praise boys for displaying knowledge.”

These are the words of Peta Credlin, chief of staff to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, “vividly” recalling when […]

Forget the F-word, action is what counts

Frankly, I don’t give a damn whether or not Julie Bishop calls herself a feminist.

What matters is what she does, as a woman and for women. And it’s a great shame that because the recent cacophony about the “f” word has occupied so much media space, there has been little – I could find none […]

Anne Summers on feminism and living in Sydney

by Nicole Elphick, Sun Herald, 22 August

During her career, Anne Summers has built up a most eclectic résumé including stints as editor-in-chief of Ms. magazine, running the Hawke government’s Office of the Status of Women and taking the reins as deputy president of the Powerhouse Museum. Her most recent venture has seen her […]