The Great Women’s History Debate

Do we still need women’s history month? do we still need women’s history? Come to think of it, do we still need women? To hear the answers to these questions, if you are in Canberra come to the Great Debate at the Albert Hall on the evening of Wednesday 26 March 2014.

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Women Of The World Festival

I was thrilled to join the many brilliant, empowered and passionate women taking part in this week’s London “festival of talks, debates, performance and activism celebrating women and girls”.

Catch up on the festival, with plenty of photos and videos, at the WOW Festival website.

In Conversation: The Misogyny Factor

Part of a program of events that highlight aspects of the collections, Anne Summers and Virginia Haussegger discussed women, power, sexism and language in a special event at the National Library on Sunday 27 October.

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