It’s Gillard’s right to fight back

Does Julia Gillard have a woman problem? On Tuesday she launched Women for Gillard, a campaigning organisation designed to boost her support and to raise funds, which is modelled on the highly effective Women for Obama campaign run in the US last year.

At this forum the Prime Minister spoke on how women might fare in [...]

Lunch with Anne Summers

By Amanda Dunn

Can women have it all? It’s the question that seems to have overtaken ”what do women want?” in the media (though the latter still figures), and to feminist writer and journalist Anne Summers, it’s a particularly galling one.

”It epitomises the inequality between women and men, because no one asks men if they can [...]

It’s a woman’s right to choose, not a man’s to try to control

If Tony Abbott was hoping he could tiptoe across the victory line on September 14 without having to take a definitive stand on abortion, he clearly wasn’t counting on the derring-do of some of his political bedfellows.

First, it was DLP senator John Madigan, who entertains high hopes of being Tony Abbott’s Brian Harradine.

Two weeks ago [...]