Up go the barriers for women

Jill Abramson

“Get thee to a workplace” was essentially the message to women from Treasurer Joe Hockey in the budget.

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Tony Abbott’s promised treat no red letter day

We the people are being promised a treat by Tony Abbott. He has informed us that during the March sitting of federal parliament he will “dedicate a day to repealing red tape”.

Federal departments and agencies, especially those with insufficient dollars to offer up on the sacrificial altar of the Commission of Audit, have been on […]

Why only half of us can have it all

Once, if a newspaper or magazine wanted to sell extra copies, it would put a banner headline ”What Do Women Want?” on the front page.

These days, the attention-grabber is ”Can Women Have It All?”

We’ve come a long way, baby.

If once we were vapid creatures who, in the view of Sigmund Freud, could not […]